Aim & Philosophy

Aim & Philosophy

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  • Aim:

The Servicio de Residencias y Colegio Mayor aim to provide students and guests of the University of Granada with accommodation and manage the booking of non-private areas proccess for the performance of cultural and social activities related to the University and the city of Granada. Services:

  • Management of the accommodation proccess (booking & information).
  • Organization and management of the full room and board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Management of the non-private areas for cultural activities.
  • Philosophy:

The Servicio de Residencias y Colegio Mayor intends to be a modern, dynamic, competitive and active service committed to the UGR values.

  • To be highly valued by all its users, either external (studentes, guests, state and private organizations) or internal (professors, researchers, students and University stuff), and of course by the UGR; and to be acknowleged for the services rendered to the exchange projects with national and international universities.
  • To become a good-service reference in the UGR.
  • To be an efficient organization, able to meet our aims and able to wisely administrate the material and human resources available, always taking care of our clients.
  • To improve the management proccesses by using new technologies.
  • To optimize the use of the accommodation facilities so as to optimize the benefit from the resources.

La Dirección del Servicio de Residencias y Colegio Mayor