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The Carmen de la Victoria offers the following services to the members of the University of Granada.

Guest Accommodation

The Guest Accommodation service of Carmen de la Victoria is available to the guests of the University of Granada. It includes not only accommodation, but also the use of non-private areas of the carmen for cultural and social activities related to the University and/or the city of Granada.


  • Managemente of the accommodation proccess (booking & information).
  • Organization and management of the full room and board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Management of the non-private areas for cultural activities.

There are 32 single and double rooms in the Carmen de la Victoria. This service is mostly aimed at the centres, departments, researchers and professors of the University of Granada.

Courses, Congresses, Seminars, Work Teams

The Assembly Room, the Library and the Meeting Room are available for work meetings.

They can host 75, 17 and 15 people, respectively, which makes them adequate for small groups.


The dining room, the café and the gardens allow for a wide range of activities -an informal meeting to discuss work items, a meal for a whole department, inaugurations and clausures of courses and congresses... Our centre has been involved in many ceremonies of this kind, and is therefore able to offer different options to meet the user's needs.

Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall of the Carmen de la Victoria, which works jointly with the Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria (an organ of the UGR), hosts a wide range of art exhibitions belonging to different styles during the academic year.

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